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Benefits of Membership

Modern Sales Co-op abounds with opportunity for members and vendors alike. Modern Sales Co-op is the right choice for your business.

The distinct competitive advantage that Modern Sales Co-op delivers:

Enhanced Buying Power
Modern Sales Co-op is a unique entity in the Canadian marketplace. With connections to some of the largest vendors in the world and unrivalled purchasing power, Modern Sales Co-op is the perfect choice for the independent business owner.
Strength Through Diversity
Members have access to a vast array of products.
Member Communication
Members have access to an open discussion board enabling them to communicate with their fellow members.
Excellent Advertising Opportunities
Unique opportunities as part of the Modern Sales Co-op team.
Advanced IT Solutions
Exciting and cost-effective IT solutions available to the independent business owner.
Product Diversity
Modern Sales Co-op continues to diversify its product lines resulting in abounding opportunities for vendors.
Business Development Groups
Members have the opportunity to voluntarily compare business performance with fellow members.

Modern Sales Co-op acknowledges the contribution and importance of its vendors and provides opportunities in an environment where a mutually beneficial relationship can grow:

Partner with a Financially Responsible, Recognized Leader
Modern Sales Co-op is a recognized leader and a financially responsible organization.
Increased Business Opportunities
As a Modern Sales Co-op vendor, you will have access to over 300 member locations opening the door to new and exciting opportunities across Canada
A Focus on Long Term Relationships
Read what some of our vendors have to say about Modern Sales Co-op’s dedication to long term relationships.

Contact us today to discuss the exciting opportunities available with Modern Sales Co-op.



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"Modern Sales Co-op is a company that is easy to do business with and is recognized as a leader in the industry. Modern Sales Co-op treats its members, vendors and staff fairly and with respect. Their diversification outlook is admirable as it has allowed them to grow year over year."
~ Cindy Russell,
Veyance Technologies

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